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Preston 2014 interpress part transport, magnetic sheet separators,

It was established to produce projects with our design and installation competencies in the fields of Destacker and transfer system. We added roll unwinding and servo drives in 2018, eccentric and link drive mechanical presses in 2020 and knuckle joint presses in 2021 to our product portfolio.

In the process, we also developed our machining competencies on our design and assembly competencies.

Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront since the day we were founded,

by analyzing the needs of its customers correctly,

we maintain our approach to producing projects by planning.

Our company is in need of the sector;





– With its after-sales service and maintenance services, it provides services to its customers with almost 100% satisfaction.

Our aim is to support the growth of the Secretariat at the local production level, to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction and to contribute to the continuation of our existence by growing.

Our vision is to be in the sector we serve.