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Our approach

Sometimes you need a new press, conveying or feeding system. Sometimes you observe that you are not getting the efficiency you want from an existing machine and you are suffering from an increasingly chronic failure.


We Are Listening

In any case, we’re listening. We listen to your production manager, maintenance team, foreman and worker and finally your machine in your problems regarding the press and environmental equipment remaining within the framework of our competencies and experience.


Collecting data

We’re taking measurements on the machine. We’re reviewing your maintenance records together. If we are going to look for the solution in improving the existing, not in a new machine, we are modeling your existing machine as much as possible and analyzing it in a virtual environment.


Developing solutions

As a result of the analysis and calculations, we find the root cause, discuss the solution alternatives within ourselves and develop ideas on them. As a team, we are working on the solution proposals that we have agreed upon.


We offer

We offer you the alternatives that we can progress on with their mechanical calculations and estimated budgets.


We are elaborating

Together with you, we elaborate and clarify the agreed solution and come across again. At this stage, we make preparations for the solution and apply it in your field.


We Apply


We Check